About Us


Cook By Color is a house of one-of-a-kind, gourmet seasonings, organic agaves & organic avocado oils made with 100% PURE & ALL NATURAL ingredients that allow you to cook and TASTE in color! Designed to help every home cook flavor their food in a way that fits their unique culinary sensibilities -- creating a one-of-a-kind taste profile that showcases their unique flair and style.

We believe that food should taste the way that you imagine it, not defined by someone else's taste buds. A pre-packaged, preservative laden seasoning pack for your hand crafted meals should never be the default option. It shouldn't be an option at all. McCormick or Lawry's shouldn't dictate the flavors of Taco Tuesday. The same goes for pasta, chili or stew. Your food, your flavors.

And that's precisely what the Cook By Color gourmet seasonings, agaves and avocado oils are designed to do. It's time to place your taste buds in the driver's seat. 

Cook By Color supports dieting, meal-prepping, and individuals dealing with high blood pressure and diabetes. 

Cook By Color’s healthy patented combination of Fruits + Vegetables + Herbs + Spices combined allows everyone to flavor their food in the most healthiest of ways. NO ADDITIVES, NO GMO, NO MSG, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO SODIUM, and GLUTEN-FREE. MADE IN THE US-OF-LA.



Marcus Moore A.K.A Chef M: Founder/Owner/Flavorologist

Chef M. is a father of 3, a self made chef - specializing in the emotional science of

I wanted to first give you a flavor filled thank you, welcome you to Cook By Color and introduce myself. I am Chef M, founder and your personal digital chef.

I’m a single dad of 3 & chef - specializing in the emotional science of colors in foods. 

I launched Cook By Color in 2017 with the hopes of teaching my 3 daughters a fun and easy way to learn how to cook & eat healthy and now is set on helping every parent teach their children to eat better, healthier and to taste life in color.

My cooking philosophy is simple and easily to adapt - “Complementary colors equals complementary taste” and cooking naked allows you to dress your food the same way you dress yourself.

This idea and principle revolutionized the culinary arts by giving you and every home cook a cheat code in the kitchen, with the Cook By Color - color coded method.

Thank you again for joining the CBC family and we can’t wait to share flavor tips with you as you taste life in color.


Natalia Chigireva: Partner/Head of Marketing/Integrative Nutritionist

Natalia, loves cooking, gardening and life - specializing in the art of biohacking the body and the mind for every day diets, weight loss, enhanced brain function and overall health & wellbeing. 

Natalia was taught the basics of Russian herbal medicine from a young age by her mother. The ancient art of healing body with plants includes time-tested advice for using herbs to maintain general well-being, simple recipes for treating specific health problems from asthma and migraines to influenza and high blood pressure. Blessed with a wide variety of climates, geography, and flora, early Russians developed a rich folk tradition of herbal healing that ranks among the most sophisticated in the world. 

As an international Marketing Executive, Natalia brings her expertise and love to Cook By Color and is dedicated to communicating its unique flavor profiles to help the world reengineer it's relationship with food, discover it's medicinal properties and heal your mind and body naturally.