"A TAIL FOR 2" - Virtual Valentine's Day Cooking Date!!

This Valentine Day, learn how to make a romantic dinner, cocktails and dessert
for you or for you and someone you love, like and care for - in our virtual kitchen.

What's on the menu?

What will you learn to cook
Romance is in the air or better said “romance is in the kitchen.”
There's one kitchen that isn't closed during this pandemic, YOURS... Join Chef M. of CookByColor.com on February 14h 4:30 PM Pacific Standard Time, as he walks you and partner through a delicious dinner for 2. You will learn how to pan sear lobster tails in a white wine sauce, make a decadent dessert that will settle any lovers quarrel and a passionate cocktail that will set the evening right.
Entre - Lobster tails
2 Pan Seared Lobster Tails in a White Wine Sauce, With Angle Hair Pasta & Garnished with Yellow Zucchini This luxurious & savory meal can be on the table in less than 30 minutes, making it a brilliant Valentine’s Day dish. 
Learn how:
  • * to make anyone fall in love with
    you, with every bite. 
  • * to pull flavors forward and back
    at your will. 
  • * to prep & prepare for indulgence,
    so that the excitement of evening
    is measured.
2 Cupids Heart Beet & Cream Dessert with Strawberries
We have stolen Cupid’s heart and have whipped it into a fun and flavorful robust dessert. Learn how to steal your lover’s heart with every bite that is sweet, rich, and fluffy. It’s a beautiful way to end the evening. 
Heart Beet White Wine Cocktail
We’ll start the evening with a passionate kiss. Allow your lips to press into the flavors and learn to mix a sauvignon blanc, a vodka shot, spun with fresh raspberries, a touch of Cook By Color’s Heart Beet flavor and a sweet drop of agave… added with a splash of soda water for a thirst quenching cocktail that’s perfect for the night!

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Frequently questions asked
Are Ingredients Included?

Indgredients are not included. After payment you will receive an email with instructions and ingredients needed for this class. Plan to spend additional $80-100.

Is Cook By Color product Included?
Yes, we will ship you 2 Cook By Color Seasonings, 1 Agave Elixir and 1 Avocado Oil that are needed for the recipes in this class 2 weeks in advance.
Do i need to pay extra for shipping?

Shipping up to $15 is included in a price of this class.

How long is the class?

Plan to spend 2 hours for cooking and having an awesome time!

Can i bring a date?

Sure! As long as you connect to the class from one device. 

What else?

You will receive detailed instructions included in your cooking kit. This product is non-refundable.