So let’s get an early start on this.

Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? NOPE… Water is?

It’s a great idea for you to drink cold water as soon as wake because it has been proven to give your body more energy throughout the day and allows for your body temperature to regulate and burn fuel… this means you will burn fat!


Does it actually kickstart your metabolism? NOPE!

Science shows that adding the wrong things in your body no matter what time of the day you consume it, you are in jeopardy of slowing down your metabolism. Its highly you know what and how your body burns fuel. This will let you know what you can and cannot eat to speed or slow down your meta burn rate. 


Old evidence suggested that eating breakfast jump-starts your metabolism and helps you burn more calories throughout the day. Or eating within an hour of waking up, you are signaling to your brain that more food is coming. This will place your body into “conserve” mode, where your body doesn’t use calories, it starts to consume the energy that you’ve stored up overnight. However, this old  science has since been debunked. SOOOOOO inconclusion, skipping breakfast and prolonging the fasting period called “intermittent fasting” has the opposite effect. As with any diet protocol, the most important factor is how many calories are consumed, regardless of when or how often.


Is breakfast a made-up meal? YES

Listen… The rise of cereal established breakfast as a meal with distinct foods and created the model of processed, ready-to-eat breakfast that still largely reigns. And it all depends on advertising and convincing you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.


The term breakfast merely means to break fast.

You’re literally breaking a 12-hour or more fast with your first meal of the day. This meal could start at any part of the day. Let’s say you eat dinner around 6-8 p.m. and then sleep for roughly 7 to 8 hours. That’s practically half a day without any nutrients. If you stayed within your normal calorie range during the previous day, you might even wake up a little growl in your stomach. If this is you — please eat! It’s natural and necessary that your body wants to replenish the nutrients (and water) it lost during a night of sleep and you should listen to your body.


Now that we are all awake, lets FLAVR some “breakfast”

Before we start, it’s important to choose the right mix of macronutrients to give your brain and your body the fuel it needs to thrive. For example, choose breakfast foods that contain a mix of carbohydrates + protein + healthy fats + fiber. Carbs will give you energy right away, and the protein will give you a boost later on. Fiber will keep you feeling full. Here are some healthy combinational recipes to start with, whenever you decide to “BREAK-FAST”.

Keto Egg Wraps. FLAVR with Rose Marry Me & Bell Of The Ball

Think of these as tortillas made with eggs instead of flour, exploding with nutrients and energy. You can fill these wraps with anything you want, from black beans to spinach and feta. So basically you can use these to create endless dishes.


Oatmeal + Nut Butter + Fruit. FLAVR with Cinnfully 

For a great complex source of carbs and fiber to keep you energized and full, while adding to the fiber quotient and providing essential nutrients like vitamin C and A.

Scrambled Eggs + Spinach + Whole Grain Toast. FLAVR with Me Myself & Lime and Sassy Me 

To add to the benefits of the Whole grain toast = complex carbs. Spinach = fiber, minerals like potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6, B9 and E. 

Smoothie With Spinach + Berries + Greek Yogurt. FLAVR with Berry Good For Me 

And continue to enjoy roughly double the protein per serving compared to conventional yogurt. And it contains gut-friendly bacteria and probiotics to help boost your immune system and keep stomach woes at bay.

Chocolate + Chia Seeds + Over Night Oats . FLAVR with Say-She-Ate-It

Is a great way to get a low-cal chocolate fix, especially when you combine it with filling Greek yogurt and chia seeds.

Gluten Free Berry Fruit Pizza. FLAVR with Heart Beet

Gives this special morning just enough love with all of its gut health and vitamin packed nutrients.

    Paleo Crepes Cake With Lemon Strawberry Coconut Cream. FLAVR with Ginger Tease

    Makes the love of dessert and breakfast come together. This crepes cake is a tasty detox breakfast option that calls for sweet strawberries. Full of vitamin C and antioxidants like manganese.

    Artist image credit: (IG) @groehrs

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